After being involved in the program for 4 years these are the things I’ve seen what Project Healing Waters can do for Vets. There may be others out there, but these are from my first hand experiences.

~ Stan Kaufman

  • Overcoming Physical Limitations.
  • Improving  Dexterity and Fine Motor Skills
  • Overcoming Depth Perception issues
  • Learning Fly Tying even with Physical Challenges
  • Improved Focus and Concentration
  • Developing New Friendships
  • Camaraderie with other Vets that have faced similar challenges
  • Learning Fly Fishing and Outdoor skills that can be used for a lifetime
  • Building Confidence in Oneself
  • Learning the Importance Team Work by Working and Fly Fishing with others
  • Being more comfortable around larger groups of people
  • Coexisting with Nature
  • Feeling Peace when in or on the water
  • Getting out of your “safe zone”and being comfortable.
  • Developing Presentation Skills